" Excellent treatment and i would highly recommend him" Dr Ratti, Occupational Health Physician

" Efficient competent and invaluable in helping me get back to full fitness" Richard Lovell, Consultant Haematologist

" The standard and delivery of care offered by Salim Mughal has been consistently high and extremely effective. Not only have the treatments been beneficial and restored my functionality thus my morale, Salim delivers care in a professional, sympathetic and caring manner. The rehabilitation process is well structured  and reassuring. Having undergone physio with many professionals in the past i am confident in saying that Salim's methods, attitude and mannerism have been the most successful so far" R. Burhani, Sonographer

" I would highly recommend Mr Salim Mughal for physiotherapy treatment to any of my friends, family and patients"  Dr A Mann, General Practitioner